Hello again:

As I have been studying and receiving my certification as a Holistic Cancer Health Coach I have found the importance in infrared saunas

In the elimination of chemical toxins and heavy metals, increases oxygenation, and enhances our Immune system.

In a 2004 article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Lawrence Wilson, MD, wrote, “If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is a sauna. It assists in removal of chemical toxins.”

Using this method is not new. Over 2,000 years ago, famous Greek physician Parmenides said, “Give me the power to create fever, and I will cure disease.”

Modern medicine has also noted, an observation prompted New York Memorial Hospital physician Dr. William Coley published a paper in 1891 on how inducing a fever might stimulate Immune response to help fight cancer.

So let’s look at some benefits:

Improve circulation, helps to bring essential nutrients, oxygen and other substances to the cells of our bodies.

Elimination of toxins, saunas help purge the body of hundreds of toxins, chemicals, pesticides, balancing our body’s PH. Chemicals can cause sluggishness and congestion of our internal organs. We don’t sweat enough and people who cannot or should not exercise can greatly benefit from saunas.

Weight loss can also benefit people. Obesity is a major risk factor for cancer, increasing metabolism and burning calories.

“These are just a few ways we can all benefit from. Not only as cancer patients, but as cancer survivors. We cannot hide from the 200 new chemical toxins bombarding us on a daily basis, but we can improve and/or combat by implementing ways to cleans our bodies from those we are subjected to.”