So as a Stage IV Cancer survivor, I have to question why doctors don’t go beyond prescribing treatment and/or medication.

Doctors don’t want to “rock the boat,” Oncologist don’t want to waver or go against their medical peers and treatments. They think it’s malpractice to go against their oncology protocol. Is it then called “the politics of Cancer therapy?”

As a Cancer patient you should have access to all information that can lead you into remission. There have been so many holistic, natural, what we call Eastern Medicine information that can and should be incorporated and in some cases only used for specific types of Cancers, but have been debunked by our Western medical practice. Why shouldn’t they be encouraged?

“If you go to war, you gather your army, If your diagnosed with Cancer, gather your army.”

Something triggered the invader to wake up and build an army against you. So you need to go to battle, be open about your battle. Ask your doctors for all options, reach out to the power of knowledge and information available to you. Fight like you have never fought before, If you don’t think there is “hope” it will win. If you accept what the doctors told you (you have a certain time to live), it will win.

I went into remission very quickly because I did not accept the “fate” that was handed to me by my doctors.

Call in your army. Gather your ammunition. Set up your strategy and go to war against your Cancer diagnosis. I’m your greatest fan.