portrait Stage four Cancer a death sentence? NO, it is not. Do people give up once diagnosed with stage four? Yes, most give up and many do not continue with their treatments because of the intensity and side effects of the treatment they endure.
What people don’t know and what their doctors don’t tell them is that 45% of cancer patients die of malnutrition not the cancer it self. Reason is the adverse effects of chemotherapy. The digestion issues, neuropathy, and lack of will to eat and keep it down.
Most important is to recover from chemo to chemo treatments allowing the body to withstand another chemical blow.
How you do that is to force-feed yourself with the right nutrition your body is starving for. even if that means a few bites of food at a time. No sugar, processed foods, gluten or dairy, except for a tablespoon of goat yogurt for good bacteria. This is a must.