[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am cancer survivor, stage IV non-Hodgkin lymphoma, (NHL) the type of cancer I had were two types concurrently of which made it not only rare but very aggressive. I had NHL in my T-cell and in my B-cells. Science teaches us that it is more common to have large B-cell Lymphoma.

I know through my research that a high percentage of people diagnosed with cancer die of malnutrition not cancer itself. My personal journey was to beat the odds and ensure my recovery completely with minimal side-effects, not only from chemo treatments but to keep my body strong so I do not have a re-occurrence as the rate is high with that type of cancer.

I have been invited to be part of a team of health professionals at an Integrative Wellness Center where a person diagnosed with cancer can receive hands-on support, guidance and information to better understand their journey to remission. My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic health nutrition coaching in disease prevention and cancer recovery.

I work with clients to help make not only lifestyle changes for those who want to achieve perfect health, but also those who have been diagnosed with cancer that don’t have a clear understanding of their potential and option to full recovery.

I have published a book called, “Dancing Skeleton, A Journey through Stage IV Cancer,” is a biography of what a person (like me) with stage four, aggressive form of cancer goes through from the first symptom, to treatment and recovery. What it’s like to be besieged by the illness. The daunting, difficult task of searching for help. The inside view of the illness and treatments. What I also talk about is not just my personal experience but that of caregivers, family members and friends going through it together.

The most important part of my book is that I want to give “hope” to those who are in the midst of this life-threatening illness. I have been invited to speak at seminars that address my audience a clear picture not only of the disease but an understanding on what it takes to recover.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]