Joanna-26_smallfile_There were three thousand children adopted from Greece during 1955-1957 period and are now middle aged or older. Many were sold, and governments falsified documents so that there was no way to trace their journeys. Those who were babies recall little about the separation from their birth families, but this ten year old girl by the time she entered the United States, recalls every detail.

After much soul searching, and extreme poverty parents agree to put her youngest children up for adoption through a special program inspired by Queen Frederica of Greece and the government of United States. While not old enough to participate in decisions made by parents to give their children a better life, difficult farewells and well wishes in trust that all children will be looked after well, trust was their driving force. After all, going to America was special to the select. America the land of gold, walking and talking dolls, chocolate, and people in America live happily ever after. But what parents didn’t know is that they would never see their children again. The moment they left all connections with their Greek family and life was cut.

Now fifty years later those that were adopted are still looking for their biological extended families. Not many remember, not many even know and families on the other side in Greece still looking, looking for that child that left them so many years ago. This is a story of one child that found her Greek family. “The Girl from the Tower”