Why and how does our Environment affect our health? Just think about it. Our skin is a living (of course) breathing and largest organ in our bodies. It absorbs everything we put on our skin as well as everything that surrounds us outside and inside our living space.

So when companies spray in and around our living space be outdoors or indoors has a direct effect on our health.

That is one of the dangerous health risks. Have you heard of a blood cancer called Benzine induced Leukemia? People who work around chemicals such as pumping gas, petroleum and oil refineries. Blood cancers are on the rise. Doesn’t mean you have it, it just means that you need to be aware if you work and live around these chemicals.

Non Hodgkins, Lymphoma,  Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma and many different types of each. Different in their nature and different in the symptoms and very different outcomes. Myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow. 
The symptoms can be anemia, fatigue, loss of weight, bone pain, confusions ect. The symptoms for Lymphoma can be the same except for swelling around the neck area, around arm-pit, and abdominal part of the body. Question yourself when all of the sudden you feel tiered, loosing weight for no reason, getting sick too often and orange urine. We don’t have to go any further then our marine environment to see what is happening to our beloved sea creatures.
Food can be another, or chemicals in out food, those “natural ingredients” they always list on our packaged foods. Be very aware of anything you can’t pronounce or too many ingredients that don’t have anything to do with the foods you are eating. Simple whole foods are best. Ever wonder how some foods last forever, that should not happen.
We live more complicated, fast and stressful lives. We want our life to be quick and easy so we can spread other parts of our life, like work, running our children around, parked on freeways for hours. For me all those not only complicate our life but raise markers for disease weather autoimmune or cancer. Being aware and making simple changes like making your neighborhoods Herbicide and pesticide free and teaching yourself and your children how to read labels.