Radical remission as in the book “Radical Remission” by Dr. Turner states that we all have the ability to tap into our natural resource within us to not only heal our body, but prevent disease. There are nine factors (as in the book) that need to come together and help the body fight the invasion of disease called cancer. As in my own story of recovery I had to tap into all my body’s natural resources available to me which included chemotherapy because of the aggressiveness of the disease. The issue is that chemo can also damage good cells to the point of reducing the body’s ability to recover due to infections that the body can not defend itself from. As chemo attacks it can not recognize diseased cells from the healthy cells the body weakens its defense system making it more susceptible to infections such as respiratory, fungal and bacteria. I will talk about what you can do to prevent infections at another blog.

The MOST important factor that I want to stress to people who are not battling cancer is to do whatever it takes to prevent it in the first place. We have moved so far away from “prevention” that we have become complacent in what we eat, how our food is prepared and the chemicals that surround us. We need to be mindful on the food choices we make for our selves and our family. We need to back away from foods that are processed with what they call “natural ingredients.” One simple change can make such a difference because with that one simple change builds momentum to more positive changes. Remember that 50% of all cancers are directly related to nutrition. 25% are due to our environment and 20/25% is due to a genetic marker that is passed from family to family member.

Look first within your living space, your pantry, the cleaning products you use, the products you put on your body every day and negative influence from media and/or people you surround yourself. Make that “one simple change” and your journey will begin to better health.