Most of you who have gone through the treatment chemotherapy, or targeted therapies and such, you most likely experience what we call “chemo fog.” Also neuropathy.

Does invasive treatments effect all of our bodies, yes it does. The idea is to not let it stick. Like another side effect, neuropathy it can stick with us, doesn’t go away. With me, yes I suffered from neuropathy in my hands, feet and esophagus. I felt like I was chocking whenever I swallowed anything. Did I experience chemo fog? Only the first 3 days after chemo.


A feeling if disorientation, can’t remember the simplest of things, like what day it is. No recall. “Like being lost in a building you know well”


  • Gradual onset of numbness and tingling in your feet, hands, legs, and/or arms
  • Sharp, jabbing or burning pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Lack of coordination and falling
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis if motor nerves are affected
  • Heat intolerance and altered sweating
  • Bowel, bladder or digestive problem

So let’s go back to brain health then I will let you know a few things you can do (if you have these symptoms) to get rid of these side effect to chemotherapy.

Brain: most repairable organ. Least reversible once damaged. Have you heard of brain pharmacy? The brains ability to release chemical that effect your mood, changing how you think.

Nutrition; what you eat.

Exercise; how you move.

Positive attitude; how you think.

Drink water: Bodies fundamental need.

Whole food supplements; Omegas.

Nutrition is most important during chemo and especially after treatment. And I will do a whole segment of this important part of recovery and getting into and staying in remission.

Sedentary, and you close the brains pharmacy, creating inflammation. (the sitting disease)

“Going outside playing or walking, is like is like a dose Valium”

Positive attitude, watching funny movies, laughing, telling jokes and surrounding yourselves with people with the same positive look on life. Great brain health, reduces “brain fog.”

Nutrition like smart foods: Avocados, Salmon, nuts, greens, blueberries. Omegas. I recommend a (medically researched) vegetarian Omega Blend. Omega 3-5-6-7-9 from company Juice Plus.

Why do I recommend this blend and not fish oil? I am very sensitive to mercury now more then ever. I do not want to take or eat any fish other then Wild Salmon. I have been very very sick and worry about not only mercury levels in fish but a number of contaminants.

Dumb foods: not good for the brain. Hydrogenated fats, fiber poor carbs, liquid candy (beverages) and any processed foods. Sugar is always your enemy.

You will experience some or all of these symptoms. The purpose is to not allow these symptoms to stay with you, to fight them off and you will do that with nutrition, positive attitude, exercise, and whole food supplements. Nourishing both body and mind. This is how we recover from chemotherapy and other treatments. Yes they kill the bad guys, but also the good ones, so we have to replicate the goods ones, inviting them back.