Girl from the Tower: Journey of Lies

“Oh my gosh….I finished your book and can honestly say “it is fantastic”! That is hard to say because the subject “C” is not an easy one to say that about! Your writing is so good and it is so easy to read and understand what you are saying. I will pass this book on and will recommend that our book club read it as well. (The photo pages of the book you gave me with glossy color….the Amazon one on standard paper and no color)! After reading the book I could remember standing in the shadows hearing about what you were going through. Although had no idea how bad this was for you…and John. Bless his heart! Yes, life is a journey and what makes it good or bad is how WE decide how we are going to handle it. Yes, for some it is just finishing the race! Which in itself is wonderful. Not everyone has the talent and desire to write a book…

I remember when we first met and I kept asking questions about your life. Although you are a very private did open up to my many questions and I kept saying….you must write a book! That you did and I still think of the Tower and the many things that happened in the small wonderful city in Greece. I remember Debbie telling about her visit there. Hearing her wise words in your new book were encouraging and true! I could not put the book down. Last week I asked how you were feeling you threw out your arms and said “I FEEL GREAT”! since I have finished the book. I will remember that moment in time in the album of my mind forever….To hear those words from you after what you have been through is truly amazing. Gratitude is truly the heartbeat of life! God has blessed you and you in turn have blessed so many others. Thanks for letting me be one of the many in your special sphere of hope!”

Love – Marysu Paine

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Dancing SKELETON: A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer

“This is a compelling story of a woman’s fierce battle with cancer. While this is not a mystery, it is a page turner because the reader becomes so involved with the author’s fight that we want to know what will happen next. We feel the fear, the anxiety, the sickness, the despair of being this sick but never do we feel Joanna gives up on herself which makes the book a must read for anyone facing a serious illness. Despite the gravity of Joanna’s illness she never gives up hope, never stops fighting and she is even able to sprinkle some wonderful and welcome humor throughout her story telling to bring relief to the intensity of the story. As well as embracing the medical interventions that helped Joanna heal, she also made major lifestyle changes that also facilitated her recovery, as well as the on going support of her husband, family and friends. It will give anyone with similar challenges, hope, inspiration and insight to what it takes to recover and live well after being sick.”

Oceanrower (Amazon)

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