Food can kill you or heal you!

As a stage IV Cancer survivor, food is in my daily planning activity. “Food can either be your friend or enemy. There are many, many article, blogs, Eat To Starve Cancer cook books ect. There is no excuse why at least 85% of the time eat healthy. Always think, “the power of vegetables, the power […]

Ways Saunas Help Fight Cancer

Hello again: As I have been studying and receiving my certification as a Holistic Cancer Health Coach I have found the importance in infrared saunas In the elimination of chemical toxins and heavy metals, increases oxygenation, and enhances our Immune system. In a 2004 article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Lawrence Wilson, […]

Brain Health and Chemo

Most of you who have gone through the treatment chemotherapy, or targeted therapies and such, you most likely experience what we call “chemo fog.” Also neuropathy. Does invasive treatments effect all of our bodies, yes it does. The idea is to not let it stick. Like another side effect, neuropathy it can stick with us, […]

The politics of Cancer Therapy:

So as a Stage IV Cancer survivor, I have to question why doctors don’t go beyond prescribing treatment and/or medication. Doctors don’t want to “rock the boat,” Oncologist don’t want to waver or go against their medical peers and treatments. They think it’s malpractice to go against their oncology protocol. Is it then called “the […]

CBD and Cancer:

There is a lot of controversy right now in regards to CBD Cannabis and cancer. But when you look at the history of this plant you will see that it has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. It was shut down and labeled a drug in the early 70’s because of the […]

Pillars of cancer recovery

Important information below: In order to recover from the bombardment of traditional cancer treatment one needs to understand how it works. 45% of cancer patients die in direct cause of treatment. Treating the cancer is one thing, helping your body recover from the traditional treatment is valuable information all going through it should know. Address […]

Adopted children of Greece

           The Girl from the Tower, a Journey of Lies Born in the wake of World War II during a bitter and devastating Civil War in Greece, little Joanna (Yiannoula) Metropoulou lives on the Peninsula of Pergos as a carefree child with her mother, father, sister, and brother. After the death of he father, however, […]

This November month is a time to be thankful

This month November is a time to be thankful, not eat anything and everything, but to be thankful for the simple things that sustain us. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and organic meats. Choose, and cook wisely. Be mindful of what your cooking for others this holiday season. First and always is to be thankful for […]

Cancer prevevention

Radical remission as in the book “Radical Remission” by Dr. Turner states that we all have the ability to tap into our natural resource within us to not only heal our body, but prevent disease. There are nine factors (as in the book) that need to come together and help the body fight the invasion […]

Environmental hazards and cancer

Why and how does our Environment affect our health? Just think about it. Our skin is a living (of course) breathing and largest organ in our bodies. It absorbs everything we put on our skin as well as everything that surrounds us outside and inside our living space. So when companies spray in and around […]